Pet Food Recall – More Food for Thought, Not Eating!

My whole philosophy about pet food has been that if it’s not good enough for me, it would never be given to my pets. It’s why I created Halo, Purely for Pets® nearly twenty years ago. In the early days, I was laughed at. “Who would buy natural products for pets? (they asked!) Then came the nay sayers who also ridiculed me for coming out with NATURAL PET FOOD! Consising entirely of only NATURAL INGREDIENTS. People in the industry thought I was crazy, and perhaps I was. Crazy for dogs, cats, birds and the kind hearted, conscious owners who loved them.

But I had heard it all. Allergies, skin disorders, liver and kidney disease, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders and the list went on and on and on.

Spot’s Stew® was designed to promote glowing, great health and when you get to see it, it’s unmistakable. So, who and what’s to blame for all the chronic illnesses we see every day in the pets we adore? Well, it’s pretty blatant now, isn’t it? I can recall the day my publisher suggested that we call my book “It’s the food, stupid!”. It always comes back to the food. (We opted for “The Whole Pet Diet, instead, because I felt it was a little less intimidating:)

Without real, wholesome protein that the body can assimilate and utilize, the animals develop illnesses with all kinds of labels on them. Time to wake up and take matters into your own hands. Start to cook for them, or buy Spot’s Stew®.

You’ll get the apologies from the manufacturers of the products you’ve come to know over the years as soon as the dust from the melamine settles a bit. I wouldn’t trust a company that didn’t have my pet’s best interest at heart. It’s why people love Halo so much. From my heart to yours, I remain true to your pet’s best health.

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3 Responses to Pet Food Recall – More Food for Thought, Not Eating!

  1. ginger kelly says:

    has halo cat food ever been recalled

  2. Halo says:

    Hi Ginger:

    No, Halo has never been recalled. While a recall can indicate the wise course of action for even the most pet-loving company, we at Halo are very proud that we have never had to take that action.


  3. dianna says:

    i thought halo had their own very own plant where only they made halo… but that is not the case i am finding out.i am shocked.

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