Changing the world, one piece of kibble at a time!

The following post comes to us from guest blogger Mimi Ausland, who has previously appeared on Ellen to discuss her pet charity work.

Hi, my name is Mimi Ausland. I’m a 12-year-old girl from Bend, OR, and I started two websites called and, to help feed homeless dogs and cats. Here’s how it works: Everyday, there is a dog and cat trivia question (Bow-Wow and Meow trivia). Each day you answer the question, right or wrong, we donate 10 pieces of kibble to homeless animals – it’s fun, you learn something, and it’s free!

I started the websites to feed our local dogs and cats at the Humane Society of Central Oregon (HSCO). It was doing that for the first couple of months, then in July, NBC Nightly News and the Today Show did a story on Freekibble, and it changed fast! Now, we’re feeding 11 shelters every month and have fed over 460,000 nutritious meals to hungry dogs and cats! And this number is changing by the minute!

In late September, I was very, very lucky and got to go on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I had an amazing experience and not just because I got to be on a huge talk show. It was so cool to know that I was going to be feeding so many shelter animals, by spreading the word to all the people that watch the show.

Plus, Ellen DeGeneres and HALO donated $20,000 of HALO pet food, to Freekibble! It was awesome! We gave all of this healthy, natural food (you should read the ingredients!) to five different lucky shelters in NYC, Los Angeles, Central Oregon, and Las Vegas.

This is not only feeding hundreds of animals, but it’s feeding them wholesome food with real ingredients that make a big difference! It has really helped all these shelters and they are all so grateful. And the money that they would be using to buy kibble they can now use on other expenses. It was a perfect experience!

We have helped so many animals so far with the help of so many wonderful people, and you can help us feed even more! Please go onto my websites and play the game and spread the word. The more people that play, the more dogs and cats we can feed!

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