Is Your Puppy a S.T.A.R.?

The American Kennel Club recently announced a new dog-training program that encourages responsible dog owners to train and socialize their new puppies. Titled S.T.A.R., which stands for Socialization, Training, Activity, and Responsibility, the program is aimed at providing pet owners with the tools to provide their puppy a good life.

Before a puppy can enter the S.T.A.R. program, he must first enroll in a basic training class for at least six weeks. These courses include classes on housetraining for owners and lessons on basic skills for puppies, such as learning to come when called.

Once a puppy graduates from the course, he will earn the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy distinction and his owner will receive a frameable certificate, a discount to enroll in the AKC Companion Animal Recovery Corporation, and much more.

All puppies, including mixed breed and purebreds are welcome to participate in this program. To find a training program near you, see the AKC’s list of approved evaluators.

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