The Best Overall Supplement: VitaGlo Daily Greens

Daily Greens is a terrific daily supplement for dogs and cats. It helps to maintain your pet’s nutritional balance, digestion, urinary tract strength, and stamina!

You have to read the ingredients to compare this vitamin with other, far-less-natural supplements.

Daily Greens includes:

Concentrated Juice of Young Barley Grass, Romano cheese, Buttermilk, Brewers Dried Yeast, Primary Dried (nutritional) Yeast, Sour Cream, and more!

Top veterinarian Dr. Donna Spector says, “I use this product for my own pets and recommend it to clients/pet owners.” Then she gave us the reasons why:

“Daily Greens:

  • • is a complete multi-vitamin and mineral supplement
  • • is filled with green healthy foods, herbs, plants and berries!
  • • has over 30 different ingredients and include rich anti-oxidants, live enzymes, barley juice, alfalfa juice and even some Romano cheese! Pets love them!!
  • • is a tablet that can be given as a treat or crumbled and mixed with the food
  • • is a great supplement if you have a plant-eater! Pets tend to eat potted plants and grass to get greens and chlorophyll which are usually missing from their diet. Plants and grasses, as well as the pesticides and fertilizers they are treated with, can be toxic to pets and are best avoided. Use Daily Greens instead to satisfy your pet’s natural instinct!
  • • is a healthy and safe supplement to use in all life stages.”

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4 Responses to The Best Overall Supplement: VitaGlo Daily Greens

  1. SuzyGrunge says:

    This sounds like a good supplement, though how would you give it to a large dog?
    would it be just as affective with a small tablet as with a small dog?
    I found a supplement thaat works well for my dogs, I have 5 dogs, 4 house dogs, and inside/outside dog. The dinovite supplement is a powder, so it’s easily adjusted for each dog’s weight, and size. It realy helps with keeping their coats shiny, and they don’t shed as much, (Wich is a big deal with 5 dogs runing in and out all day long!) here’s a link!

  2. Halo says:

    Hi Suzy, thanks for the inquiry on the Daily Greens.

    This is a great supplement filled with healthy plants, herbs, fruits and berries. It even has a little romano cheese and pets love them as treats. You can give them whole or crumble them over the food. The Daily Greens are designed to enhance the nutritional value of a pets food and I like to give it every other day; alternating with the Vita-Mineral Mix to give a great balance of vitamins and minerals naturally. These supplements act as an “insurance policy” that your pet is getting everything they need every day. Remember to refrigerate them after opening.
    These are my recommendations on administration (also included on the back of the bottle):
    2-11 pounds: 1 tablet once or twice daily
    12-25 pounds: 2 tablets once or twice daily
    26-50 pounds: 3 tablets once or twice daily
    51+ pounds: 3 or 4 tablets once or twice daily

    If it is the only supplement you are using, give it twice daily. It you are using other supplements, once daily is fine.

    Hope this helps.
    Dr. Donna Spector

  3. Georgia says:

    Regarding the “Daily Greens” Supplement,

    After reading the ingredients there are some odd supprises, like romano cheese, “raisens” (poisonous), buttermilk. I was excited about the purchase and how it was going to improve my dogs lives, until I read the ingredients which took me by surprise. Everyone knows raisens are poisonous to dogs and dairy is bad too.

    Why does HALO provide these in a suppliment if these alligations are true?

  4. Halo says:

    Dear Georgia,

    Thank you for inquiring about the Daily Greens supplement. It is true that Halo uses a small amount of raisins and dairy ingredients in our Daily Greens supplement recipe.

    This product has more than 40 different ingredients in each small tablet and we have historically added raisins to our formulation because they are known to be high in several wonderful antioxidants. More recently it has been discovered that raisins can be toxic to some (certainly not all) pets. Sensitive pets must ingest a fairly large quantity to become ill and there have been no cases of kidney failure documented by the ingestion of the very small amount of raisin included in the Daily Green supplement.

    Buttermilk is included in the Daily Green formulation due to its positive effects on gastrointestinal and immune health. Dogs often have problems digesting dairy products because after they are weaned the enzymes required to fully breakdown milk products are found in much lower levels…leading to stomach upset or diarrhea associated with eating dairy products. Buttermilk, however, is easily digestible as a result of bacteria added to the milk and its lower fat/calorie profile when compared to regular milk and overall is very well tolerated. We include buttermilk because of its beneficial health effects and its high digestibility. The romano cheese is added in very small amounts as a natural flavoring—we feel this is a far superior alternative to artificial flavorings or coatings.

    Pets across the country have been thriving on our Daily Greens for years and we believe each ingredient to be an integral part of its success. Many natural practitioners and veterinarians, both holistic and traditional, recommend our Daily Greens without hesitation.

    Thank you for questioning the purity and safety of Halo’s supplements…we appreciate people who advocate for pets and are truly concerned about their well-being.

    Dr. Donna Spector

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