In northwest New Jersey, volunteers from the Pet Adoption League open their homes to abandoned dogs and cats they’ve saved from overcrowded shelters, fostering them until a forever home is found. They work closely with 11th Hour Rescue, an all-volunteer group that swoops in to save dogs and cats about to be killed because their shelters just can’t handle all the animals needing a home.

Earlier this year, Halo donated 192 cases of Spot’s Stew to the Pet Adoption League, which they shared with 11th Hour Rescue. “Right now they are overrun with dogs,” says the Pet Adoption League’s Deb Severud, noting PAL has five dogs in their network of foster homes, far fewer than 11th Hour Rescue’s scores.”They are thrilled, and we are absolutely thrilled.”

Both rescues keep the animals they save in a network of foster homes until they are adopted, and provide any needed medical care. On the website of 11th Hour Rescue, their philosophy is poignantly described:

Approximately 7 million pets will die this year in shelters across the US. Some die humanely with lethal injection, some will be thrown into a gas chamber and die a slow, frightening death, some will be shot, or beaten. They will die with a feeling of abandonment, lonesomeness, and fear. Yet, these dogs are real, they are living, breathing beings that crave love, companionship, and trust, while offering the same in return. They do feel pain, hunger and sadness and we do what we do because we want to make a difference. If we can bring comfort to just one, we will. If we can save just one life, we will. The stories we read and each dog’s story is heart-wrenching, the numbers of those we can’t help are overwhelming, and every day we are haunted by the faces of those we can’t save.”

And at least for awhile, many of 11th Hour’s and PAL’s dogs will have Halo holistic food to feast on. “I had never seen it before, and when I opened up a can, I couldn’t believe it,” says Severud. “I said to my husband, ‘You could pour it over rice and have dinner!’ The food has been a huge blessing, one thing we didn’t have to worry about.”

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