Dogfighting is all too common in the inner-city, and Sean Moore, now 38, was once a part of that scene, fighting dogs in his Chicago neighborhood beginning at the age of 12.

He participated in this horrid pastime until 1997. And for the last two years, Moore has been an angel for the dogs.

Working with the Humane Society of the United States in its End Dogfighting program, Moore goes into neighborhoods where dogfighting happens and teaches kids a whole other way of looking at dogs.

“It’s a sad situation what I’ve done to these animals that haven’t really asked to have anything done to them,” says Moore, who now owns three pet pit bulls. “[I thought] that’s what pit bulls are supposed to do; that’s what we were taught.

“I could bring you into the ‘hood right now and we could get a 7- or 8- or 9-year-old boy or girl and ask them what these dogs are bred for—and they’ll tell you these dogs are meant to fight,” he says. “That’s what I’m trying to change in my community.”

As many of you know, most of football player Michael Vick’s dog fighting pit bulls were sent to Best Friends Animal Society for rehabilitation. Halo is honored to support Best Friends.

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  1. So happy for Sean! Unfortunately, I grew up with the mentality that pitbulls need to fight as well. When I moved into my new town – a suburban neighborhood, I met Mindy – she was a rescued pitbull. I was really afraid of her because I knew what pitbulls can do. Her owner said she isn’t a fighter. In fact, she is a gentle soul. Because she has been abused and her previous owner trained her to fight, Mindy is frightened. She was more scared of me than I was of her! Mindy really needed a good home where she was able to socialize like other dogs because that is really what she wanted to do. Luckily, she was adopted by my neighbors who really love pitbulls because of their big hearts.

  2. kickee harris says:

    Thanks Sean, I would love to know how you saw how wrong that life is, what changed you. I wish you would write a book, We rescuers need to know how to reach those that choose such a violent life for this beautiful breed. Thank You So Much For Admitting What You Did And Now Reaching Those That Are Still In This Life. Maybe Someday Michael Vick Will Truly See The Wrong In The Life He Was Involved In.

  3. Melanie Coy says:

    I’m doing CGC level obedience classes in the part of my community with the worst canine offenders. Most of the residents have never been exposed to anything of a positive nature where dogs are concerned. Like Mr. Moore, I’ve had small children approach me and ask if I fight my dogs.
    The original goal of my program was to improve the image of rescue & shelter dogs. We have had an overwhelming response to the program, which includes a junior handler volunteer base. The at risk kids are working right along side of the main stream kids. The language of dogs is universal. I think we’re born with the empathy, it just gets buried under the ignorance.
    Best of luck to you Sean.

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