Image4Dear Halo:

I am so excited that I finally found something to get my Standard Poodle Beau to eat all of his dry dog food. Once a day, usually at dinner time, I mix wet Halo dog food with dry Halo. When there is wet food mixed in his food he licks the bowl dry. But In the morning it was becoming a challenge to get him to finish his dry only food. As most poodles, his weight is not an issue. On the other hand his sister, a 70 pound labradoodle it is the opposite. I do realize that Chula, my labradoodle doesn’t know that there is something different in Beau’s bowl, but I still prefer to feed them the same food. I tried Dinner Party Wild Salmon flavor because they both love Spot’s Stew Salmon flavor. Well…now Beau finishes his dry food in the morning and I am not worried about extra calories for Chula! It is easy to use…just sprinkle it over the food and there you go!

I am so pleased with all of the Halo products, including my two kitties that also love their Halo food!

Beth Levine

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