water_cat_drinking-waterQuestion: Is distilled or spring water best for our cats?

Answer: Excellent question and one that does not have a correct answer!

Distilled water has had all impurities and minerals removed, whereas spring water (where much bottled water comes from) is typically rich in minerals.

Regular drinking water or spring water is an important source of daily minerals for many people and drinking distilled water might lead to inadequate intake of certain minerals. In that case, dietary supplements would be necessary to maintain proper mineral balance.

This is not as important for pets whose commercial diets have the proper mineral balance for daily requirements and so drinking strictly distilled water would be unlikely to cause any mineral deficiencies. Likewise, the extra minerals in spring water are not needed by pets as their diet is replete in necessary nutrients, however, there have been no studies that prove the excess minerals in spring water are a problem. There has previously been much discussion about the “ash” content of cat food and water supplies but very recent research has disproven the importance of ash in cat urinary problems.

So largely the choice between distilled water or spring water is a personal preference.

Hope that helps,
Dr. Donna Spector

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  1. Glad to see this issue come up.I just finished installing a water filter that removes all things including flouride.It was pricey but the water taste great and my only reason for purchasing it was the fact that flouride as I have read is BAD for pets in several ways.Along with Halo food and products my goal is to prove Goldens can live healthy cancer free lives for 20+ years.I am doing all I can to prove this to my Vet.and the world.Love my golden.This I do in memory of lilly my golden that passed Nov.15 08 at the age of 12 from cancer.Thanks for listening.Mike

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