catkibbleJane in Lakewood, New York wrote me this simple note that was like a thunder clap for me – I can no longer reject dry cat food for each and every situation. Jane listens to CAT CHAT® and understands everything I have said about the harm of kitty crack.

So the clear winner of any kibble out there is Spot’s Stew. Every bag is sealed with a company’s code of ethics; to do the best they can to nourish the pets of America. Honestly I am kicking myself that I didn’t learn this earlier, because I have three huge dogs who have been eating kibble as a portion of their meals without my knowing the difference between Spot’s Stew and other high-end brands.

Click over to my original blog on “Breaking the Silence on a Good Dry Food for Cats” for the whole story!

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

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  1. Jessica says:

    That’s wonderful, but for a cat owner who has a cat that suffers from kidney issues, dry is not the way to go for him. I only feed him wet since he hardly drinks water alone. It’s like eating pretzels and not taking a drink! I give him one or two kibbles a day as a treat only.

  2. Oh Jessica! You are SOOOOO right! I really am worried that people will misunderstand this posting – which is only fo r emergency or lifestyle situations where wet is totally impossible. I am the strongest voice in the pet world YELLING (well,sort of!) that any dry food for cats is “kitty crack,” that ALL & ANY DRY FOOD is the wrong fuel for an obligate carnivore that cannot really process any carbohydrates, but certainly not the highly processed carbs in dry cat food – and I also am extremely LOUD & clear that cats with renal insufficiency require wet food only – preferably with a little extra water stirred in. All the old-fashioned dry kidney diets (which are since scientifically debunked) only worsen kidney issues and you are on the head of the nail when you say that they need maximum fluids from their food. Please read this blog in its entirety on my website and once you are on my site, type “Kitty Crack” in the google search box on my site and you will be delighted to see how many blog postings i have on the topic!

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