Visit DogChannel.com and check out the Halo-sponsored Incredible Canines contest. You can win $100 worth of Halo (or $50 or a $31 product package).

Here’s the scoop from the site:

“Any dog lover can agree that dogs are incredible. They can save lives, heal the sick, and even sniff out explosives in the most difficult scenarios.

“But what about your average pet? They do things that are pretty incredible, too! Enter the Incredible Canines Contest – where you can honor your dog for all the things that make them special. Browse the categories below and enter your dog in as many categories as he or she applies. Then, spread the word and ask your friends to vote for your incredible canine!

“The dog with the most votes across all categories will receive a $100 gift card from Halo. The dog with the second highest number of votes will receive a $50 card. The dog with the third most votes will receive a Halo prize pack.”

Please join in — enter or vote for your favorites!

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