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I’m really excited to tell you that Freekibble has now donated over 3.5 million meals to shelters, rescues and food banks! Everyday, over 55,000 people are going to and, to play the trivia… and we are generating kibble to feed many thousands of homeless animals everyday.

This week we launched a promotion called Letters for Pets. It’s a campaign that asks people to email a pre-written letter to The President asking for an official Proclamation for April 30th to be National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day! It’s a chance to get a whole day for adopting and celebrating shelter animals. AND, with every email letter sent, Halo Pets is donating a nutritious meal to Freekibble to help feed shelter dogs and cats – up to 50,000 meals! There are so many shelter dogs and cats in need of good, nutritious, food and this is another fun way to help feed them!

We’re partnering with Tails Magazine and Halo, Purely for Pets to get the proclamation and I’m the Spokesperson for the campaign. People can send the letter every day and we’re trying to get 100,000 letters emailed to the White House, but we’re hoping that we can get more than that – we’ve already had 28,000 letters emailed in the first 2 days! It’s great because we are raising awareness and kibble.

We’re very excited about getting a Proclamation and have kicked it off with a full week of Presidential Pets Trivia on both sites, as a way to get people excited about sending the letter to the President… and Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

To help us get a Proclamation and feed more dogs & cats, click on and e-mail the letter to the President.

If we can all work together to get a National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, I truly think it could help homeless animals for years to come.


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  1. Brilliant thinking, i hope you’ll reach thousand of letters at the end. Helping shelters is another way of giving our dogs a present, i support these people %100.

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