PF-vet-dog_1293757cQuestion: My dog has respiratory issues & skin issues. She is always on antibiotics & steroids. We are trying to help her every way we can. From things I have read too much vitamin c is dangerous for dogs/cats. I was thinking it might help my dog b/c her immune system is shot from being so sick & on meds all the time. Can you give me any insight that might help?

She always has a phlemy cough & sometimes a stuffy nose. We as humans usually increase out vitamin c when we need it, but do not want to do anything that will harm my pet.

Any info would greatly be appreciated.

BTW my cat loves your cat food!!!!

Answer: Thanks for writing in about your dog. Vitamin C is a proven anti-oxidant and an important part of many bodily functions and it is known that Vitamin C deficiency is detrimental to immune function. Vitamin C deficiency, while possible in humans, is extremely rare in dogs because they are capable of making their own (people are not).

There is some evidence that Vitamin C reduces the symptom severity of the common human cold (rhinovirus/coronavirus) but this is not likely what is at play in your dog with such chronic symptoms. At this point I would not necessarily recommend the vitamin C for your dog. Talk to your veterinarian about other forms of natural immune stimulants.

Good Luck.
Dr. Donna Spector

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  1. dianna says:

    i wrote about a week ago about a flea problem that i am having and have had since jan of this year we have done everything wash daily steam clean we even took up all carpet and put hard wood flooring and the special dirt that is fossil in yard and in cornors… it seems that the fleas are only getting stronger. we use halos dog food and daily greens and shampoo and have gotten the halo dip, too. the next day the fleas are back and more in numbers on the poor dogs… i have never had fleas on any pet before and i am at my very wits end on what to do we are ready to use topical flea med but are too affraid to but fear if we don’t our poor babies will die from fleas… the strange thing is they don’t act any different but i am worried sick and fear they will be sick if i can’t get rid of these little devils soon. i just hate these devils and that is just how i have come to feel about these fleas. i have washed my poor babies to death. what can i use that will be safe to use . battle of the fleas has been since jan. of this year i need advice i talked to kristain at halo and she said e-mail but have not heard anything back… very disappointed. as of last week… i really need help and advice, dianna

  2. Halo says:

    Dear Dianna,

    I am sorry for the delay in our response…this email was just forwarded to me today. I appreciate your attempts at natural flea control for your dog’s best health…but unfortunately it sounds like you have a severe flea infestation and it is unlikely that you will get control of it without professional or prescription flea control products. My recommendation would be to consult with a professional exterminator (for home control) and get your dogs some topical flea treatment to get rid of the fleas. Once all fleas are eradicated (can take a few months), I would then restart the natural approach to maintain a flea-free environment. I always try to avoid chemicals when possible but you must remember that fleas and other blood-feeding parasites can spread disease as well as cause anemia. In instances such as yours I feel it is often healthier for the dog to use a short course of topical flea control to really get rid of the problem and then start the natural measures again.

    Hope that helps.
    Dr. Donna Spector

  3. dianna says:

    when irecieved the email for the go ahead to use the topic flea meds i was glad that it will be okay to do so. i do worry about the use but i know i need help with getting rid of these little devils “the fleas” but which will be best to use advantage ,k9 advantix ,or frontline for the safest but realize not any are good. we do have alot of mosquitoes and a case of west nile in a area town. i want to use the best that will help my dogs but will do the least harm. i am going this saturday to my vet for a check up and get the flea meds for my 4 legged kids to mend and rid the flea problem in my home. thank if i could hear back before saturday a i have appointment for the kids early morning at 8:00a.m. thanks again, dianna

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