gothampic“I am so thrilled to be collaborating with Halo and can’t wait to interact more and more with their wonderful community. I’m planning on blogging at least once a week, talking mostly about my crazy rescue mutt Cleo, my rapidly growing son Krishu and all the love and licks along the way.”

That’s where I am these days, still a few weeks out from the release, watching that Amazon sales number and saying prayers tagged with “Oprah” and “Ellen.” Whether or not those come to pass is largely out of my hands.

But what isn’t are the incredible alliances I have already built with some really exciting partners including Halo, Purely For Pets and their charitable partner, both of whom are organizations that truly walk their talk.

What bonded us was not putting PR agencies together but a marriage of ideals which is that in our pets (dogs in my case), we often find an idealism that we don’t in our human relationships.
Both Freekibble and Halo are all about treating animals like we’d treat our own family and how we’d like to be treated ourselves. I’m proud to say that you’ll be seeing us all pop up in each others tweet and blogs and sites (there I go again!) and that a portion of proceeds from Walking Wisdom will be going toward their awesome initiatives.

Click over to my original blog on “Gods, Dogs, Greenies, and Pig’s Ears” for the whole story!

Gotham Chopra is a multi-media voice on issues of spirituality, culture, and news. His new book Walking Wisdom is now less than a month away from release. He will be a guest blogger here on our Halo blog every Wednesday.

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