What do you bring the cat who has everything? My new friend Laura Jacobs is an author (whose delicate novel “The Bird Catcher” I highlighted in an interview with Laura on my NPR radio show, “Authors on Animals”) and she and her husband Jim Wolcott are devoted to their three charming Ocicats.

I was going to pay Laura a visit and wanted to endear myself to her kitties, so I grabbed a container of chicken Liv-a-Littles and showed up brandishing it. “I have to confess my cats are really picky,” Laura said apologetically, “So please don’t be offended if they show no interest in these dried chicken treats.”

One of her kitties is a tripod – having lost a front leg to cancer as a young cat – and he sniffed tentatively at the crunchy piece of chicken that emerged from the Liv-a-Littles container. Faster than a jack-in-the-box he snarfed down that piece of chicken and looked around for more. Laura was astounded, especially when another of her previously picky kitties jumped up on the table out of curiosity and wolfed down another piece of the freeze-dried chicken just as greedily.

By the time the third kitty discovered there was a Liv-a-Little party going on, there was some genuine competition over which of them would get the next piece. When I screwed the lid back on and set the Liv-a-Littles down on the table, one of the cats started batting it around with his paw, looking for a way to tip it over or get it open.

Suddenly the plastic canister became a hockey puck, propelled around the table by previously picky kitties who were now spoiled for anything but a Liv-a-Little! So spoil your own kitties with any of the flavors of Liv-a-Littles and if you’d like a winter treat for yourself, snatch a copy of “The Bird Catcher” (right from this link) and curl up with a kitty in your lap and a really great book.

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

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