Question: I have a rescue dog. She had a problem with intestinal parasites for 4-6 weeks, but that cleared up and since then she eats & loves her Halo Chicken dry kibble. She is not sick and her stools have been solid and regular since we started the food but her stools smell terrible!! The smell is so strong that if she has an accident (we are still potty training!), the whole house smells for days.

I usually have to run the carpet cleaner with vinegar to break the smell down. I know that my guests can smell it upon entering my home. She likes the food & I think it is a quality food. Are there something/an ingredient that could be causing this strong smell?

Thank you.

Answer: Thanks for writing in. Often a very smelly stool is a sign of bacterial imbalance in the intestine. In other words, the “bad” bacteria outnumber the “good” and the result can be horribly smelly! A number of things can throw the bacterial balance off in the intestine…including intestinal parasites (even after they are gone), diet changes, any medication, stress, etc….and your new dog has had a lot of these changes recently.

Ask your veterinarian about a probiotic for a few weeks to help re-establish a good healthy bacterial balance in her digestive tract…that will hopefully put her back on the right track! If that doesn’t solve the problem, even though the Halo food you have chosen is a high quality natural food…it may just not be the right choice for your dog. Another trick to rid the carpet of the terrible smell is Halo’s HolistiClean Super Stain and Odor Remover—made from natural enzymes and biodegradable cleaners to minimize chemical exposure for both you and your dog.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

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  1. Beth Albone says:

    I have two Scottish terriers. One is 11 yrs old and the pup is 7 months. Both of their poops stink and the pup always wants to eat my older Scotties poop, not his or any other dog though. My older Scottie refuses to eat any kind of kibble so I boil boneless chicken breast for him, cook liver, and steam veggies for him. The pup is still on puppy food along with veggies. They both get probiotics. I have to let them out seperatly so the pup doesn’t eat the others poop. Help, please!!!

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