I am really excited to discover that now HALO is making a Spot’s Stew from lamb! This is truly earth-shattering news for the “dog foodies” amongst us. Halo is the only kibble I will feed my dogs as part of their meals because it is the only dry food on the market with the protein portion of the food made from real meat only – no rendered meat meal or by-products.

The dogs also adore it – I’ll even use a few pieces of Halo kibble as a treat instead of a bigger biscuit with more calories, and even a few pieces of kibble are super-appreciated in my house. Discovering that their favorite kibble comes in a lamb variety makes my choice of Halo a doubly-excellent one because lamb is such an unadulterated meat source since it is not a factory-farmed meat.

As I often say on the air on my radio shows, sheep graze on pasture and lead an unpolluted life. Unlike beef, chicken and even fish – which even for the human food supply chain are industrially produced, often with the use of hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals – sheep live almost entirely in free-ranging flocks. So I am going to stock up and Scoooy Doo, Teddy and Jazzy are going to dig in with gusto to their new Halo lamb Spot’s Stew.

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

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