Question: A good friend of mine rescued an 8 months old Shih tzu a few weeks ago from a woman who was unable to care for the dog any longer. Two days ago the puppy had puppies! Is it possible for an 8 month old dog to have puppies or must the dog be older than 8 months?

Answer: Thanks for your question. Although surprising to most people, yes, it is possible for an 8 month old puppy to have puppies of its own!

Dogs usually begin cycling around 6 months (but can be as young as 4 to 5 months old) and pregnancy lasts around 2 months in dogs. So if you do the math….it is possible for this dog to be 8 months old with puppies!

This serves as a nice reminder to spay / neuter pets according to your veterinarian’s recommendation. Preventing unwanted pregnancies eases the burden on already overloaded U.S. animal shelters. Adopt a pet and save a life today!

Dr. Donna Spector

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