By: Chris Pike, VP Marketing and Promotions National Canine Cancer Foundation

On March 26th Westbrook Lanes gave us the thumbs up and Bowled for a Cure!

The second stop on the NCCF’s Bark and Bowl was organized by Kim, Amy and the Delaware Valley Chapter of the NCCF and led us to Philadelphia PA. Over 20 teams registered to join the fight against Canine Cancer, some coming from as far as 2 hours away!

But the biggest story of the night wasn’t the teams, prizes or monies raised, it was meeting the reasons for the Bark and Bowl; Natasha, Dexter, Bullitt and Face!

The Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Service (CARES) Cancer Center invited Dexter and Natasha, both 2 and 3 years post Lymphoma! They received lots of love, belly rubs and of course, Halo’s natural dog treats.

Team Bullitt, our top fundraiser brought in over $1,100!! Bullitt joined his mom and dad, Cheryl and Tim, to show his love, support and those puppy dog eyes. It was love at first sight when they met in 2003, even though Bullitt’s naughty ways resulted in several carpet and woodwork repairs, but that’s just Bullitt being Bullitt!

Diagnosed with Thyroid Carcinoma in December, he had the lump, thyroid, a jugular, some nerves and muscle tissue removed in January. He has been getting chemo every 3 weeks and its taking it like a champ with his head held high! Just 2 weeks ago an X-Ray showed that the nodules in his lungs had shrunk/stabilized. Let’s hear it for Team Bullitt! (photo courtesy of WhoShotYourDog.com)

Team Face, composed of associates and families from CARES Cancer clinic, bowled for their Osteosarcoma survivor Wags Face. A former racing Greyhound, Wags Face retired and became a blood donor at Kansas State’s College of Veterinary Medicine and was later adopted by Dr Applegate.

On February 8, 2011 Face had a leg removed as a result of the bone cancer and later dislocated his right hip, but still managed to support Team Face on their lane! (photo courtesy of WhoShotYourDog.com)

It is the goal of the NCCF to fund more and more research grants by way of events like the Bark and Bowl’s and with the help of corporate partners like HALO, to eliminate Cancer as a major health issue in dogs and create more of these Survivor stories!

Once again teams sniffed us out at www.barkandbowl.com, joined up and raised money for a cure. Every bowler went home with an exclusive Bark and Bowl tee shirt and goodies from partners PetSmart, John Paul Pet, Whole Foods, MYPHL17 and the only food to receive the NCCF Pink Paw Seal of Excellence-HALO Spot’s Stew.

Be sure to join us for our next tour stop-South Florida- the one that started it all! Bowl with us on May 13th for the biggest Bark and Bowl event in the NCCF’s history!

Chris Pike is the VP of Marketing and Promotions for the National Canine Cancer Foundation; a non-profit committed to eliminating cancer in dogs. He works for a cure everyday in remembrance of Kiara Jordan and Skyler Blue.

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