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Saved My Cat

“George, my 6 year old snowshoe, had developed atopic dermatitis about 3 years ago. He would constantly lick and bite himself all over since he was so itchy and he developed a horrible rash on his foreleg that he actually licked so much he peeled away the fur and it left him with a raw and bleeding sore.

His eyes, too, were red and he constantly rubbed them. My heart broke to watch him suffer. The vet treated him with regular steroid shots but there was always the fear of eventually developing diabetes and the added problems with that disease.

To prevent breakouts between shots, he also had daily cyclosporine capsules. The nausea from the cyclosporine made him become anorexic and fears of liver toxicities with that drug made me re-consider the food I was giving him (Whiskas, Purina and other ‘regular’ grocery store stuff) which he struggled to eat since the nausea made him gag.

Even though my vet said it was not food allergies, I decided to begin feeding him Halo and within weeks he had not only regained his appetite and his weight but the itching stopped and his sores healed. I stopped his cyclosporine gradually and now his fur is soft and he’s back to normal.

Being a physician, I’d say he’s in remission but being his mom, I’m just glad he’s out of his misery! Best of all, George has been completely off both the cyclosporine and steroids for 2 years–ever since I switched to Halo! I did try other ‘natural’ cat foods and sure enough, every food except for Halo brings back the itches and rash. I’m so grateful to this product for saving my baby.”

We are so happy to hear that George is doing so well on Halo!

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