By: Laura Bray

My name is Laura Bray, and I am a long time animal lover working as an executive assistant to the President of Halo, Purely for Pets. Growing up, I was absolutely infatuated with all types of animals, but especially cats- their incredibly distinct personalities and beautiful nature always fascinated me. I worked at various veterinary clinics through my high school and college years, and have fostered and adopted many cats over the years. I was thrilled when I started working for Halo, a company that combined my two passions- nutrition and a love for animals!

I started working with Second Chance for Strays of Clearwater, FL after I decided to look into adopting another cat. I found Second Chance for Stray’s Petfinder page and was immediately drawn to the picture of one of the full grown cats they had available for adoption. I emailed the President and asked her if she still had “Charo” available for adoption, and she responded that yes they did, but she didn’t get along very well with other cats. I was disappointed, but upon thinking about it, I wasn’t sure how one of my own cats would react with another full grown housemate anyway. I wondered how he would react to a kitten so I asked if they had kittens that I could meet and maybe “Try out” at home. That conversation soon led into fostering kittens and becoming a foster mom (it was the start of kitten season after all!), and the rest is history!

Second Chance was started in 1999 by Barbara Drane and Patricia Cihon, whose love for felines brought them together to start up SCFS. They primarily rescue cats and kittens from the local shelters that have more animals than resources to care for them –, often just hours before they’re euthanized. They also rescue a lot of strays, FELV and FIV positive cats, and injured cats and kittens that would normally not have much of a chance.

The lovely women who run Second Chance are two of the most generous, kind hearted people I have ever met. We don’t have enough money for a building, so these two women have turned portions of their own homes into “catteries.” Since we are a small organization without a central building and without large sponsorships, and our adoption fees very rarely cover the medical care we’ve provided for the cats/kittens, these two women pay the remainder of the cost for food and medical care out of their own pockets. As you can imagine, this adds up! We rely ONLY on the founders’ homes and foster homes (like my own) to house these cats and kittens until they are able to be put up for adoption. Sadly, there have been times where we have had to refuse the phone calls from the animal shelters to rescue cats or kittens, simply because of lack of room or funds.

Freekibble’s donation of 2,500 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew was an incredible surprise, and an absolute blessing! At this time, we have more than 100 cats and kittens in our care and, it being kitten season, run out of food almost as quickly as we purchase it! Not only has Freekibble’s donation helped us financially, but we also know that all of our adoptable felines are getting the absolute VERY best nutrition there is with Halo natural cat food! We can feel confident knowing that the kittens are getting the healthy vitamins, minerals, and whole nutritious real food ingredients that they need to grow up healthy and strong; and also that our adult cats are getting what their bodies need to stay healthy, playful, and beautiful until they find their forever homes. Not only that- but some of our cats with excessive shedding or various minor skin, coat, or GI issues have already shown improvement!

We are so grateful to Mimi and Freekibble for their generous donation of food to Second Chance for Strays, and also to Halo for their amazing food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here for Second Chance for Strays’ Facebook page.

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