We here at Halo love to hear from our customers letting us know how their pets are doing and also getting great pictures of pets. We recently received this letter from April Cohrs and wanted to share it with our blog readers.

Hello Halo,

I am writing to tell you thank you for rescuing our family member and dog, “Spot”. He is a seven year old Rat Terrier, who has suffered terrible skin sores due to allergies for the past three years. His eyes told us how much pain and discomfort he was in. I was totally at a loss, but couldn’t do expensive allergy testing the vet recommended. The vet also recommended Purina One–big mistake! They prescribed steroids, which helped, until he finished the meds, and then break outs would return.

My sister highly recommended Spot’s Stew, for her dog, since she found she was allergic to wheat and corn. (Initially, I had to laugh, since the foods name is also our dog’s name!) I couldn’t find Spots Stew at Pet Smart, so went with Blue instead. No improvement. I found Spots Stew at PetCo, and within a week, our dog’s skin irritations reduced dramatically. Now he has occasional flare ups when he steals table scraps. (Naughty Spotty!)

So, on behalf of my sister and myself, we thank you!!

April Cohrs

We are so happy to hear that Spot is doing so well on Spot’s Stew!!!

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  1. Happy to hear you are using Halo Spot’s Stew. People are always talking about their pets having allergys, so i tell them to buy Halo Spot’s Stew. You save money in the long run. Biscuit loves it and never has problems.It cost more to treat your pet with all the meds. Keep on feeding Halo. Happy for you!

  2. dianna& dean says:

    i also have a seven year old rat terrier madison….. she is like a puppy but has been on halo for her life from 7 weeks of age.i use the dream coat and she is white w/ deep fawn makings her fur is just so beautiful…looks like its been shined.but even w/ her health i have to watch her she has treacha problems and only used a harness now i use a step in called no choke and it is soft leather the best…. some r.t.’s have this problem.most step in harness and just harness won’t work on a dog w/ this problem… and being over weight makes it worse….. madison is active but will not let her over due or the coughing will start and i can say the hip and joint helps w/ dogs w/ treacha problems not just ones with joint problems… thought some may want to know about the hip and joint…. its more than just hip and joint around my gang

  3. Dawn says:

    I want to let you know that I tell everyone ,even in the pet stores, about Spot’s Stew. My chow mix mutt was started on this four years ago after many years of continual itching, scratching, hot spots, etc. After only 2 months of solid SPot’s Stew, Snippy no longer itches and scratches. It was amazing and still is! My vet always gives me prescription or recommneds Science Diet but I stick with what works! I know have canine family members and all eat Spot’s Stew….3 Siberian Huskies and Snippy.

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