Question: Hi Doc: I have a 7 year old female Pomeranian who takes 5 units of insulin, twice a day, for the past two yrs. I feed her perhaps 2 tbsp of Halo’s Wholesome Chicken along with about another 3 tbsp of chicken that I boil. Are there any supplements I can/should add?

Does the Dream Coat supplement have any hidden sugars and carbs I should look out for and adjust with her current diet accordingly? I’d really appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance.

Answer: Thanks for your questions. There are no hidden sugars or carbohydrates in the Dream Coat that you need to be concerned with. It is an oil supplement and it may not be right for some dogs (especially those with diabetes or other pancreas issues such as pancreatitis).

You should ask your veterinarian about its suitability for your Pomeranian. As far as other supplements, some dogs with diabetes do well on additional fiber and the food combination you are giving is quite low in fiber. This could be something to ask your vet about also.

Good luck.
Dr. Donna Spector

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