We are always happy to hear from Halo customers who have made the switch to Spot’s Stew in order to improve their pet’s health; and also getting great pictures of pets. We recently received this letter from Beth Casamassina of Youngsville, NC; and she sent a picture of her two cats Kristen and Buddy.

Hello Halo:

I have two cats, both over 10 years old, and they were constantly throwing up. It got so bad that I purchased a home carpet steam cleaner to keep up with the mess.

I had tried every food you can think of and still, they would eat, and then throw it up, yikes! A dear friend gave me a bag of your wonderful cat food and WOW the cats don’t throw up anymore. Their coats are soft and silky; they have more energy, and seem to be in much better health.

I want to thank you for making such a wonderful product and my carpet thanks you as well.

Warmest regards,
Beth Casamassina

Thank you Beth for sharing your story with us and we are so happy to hear that Kristen and Buddy are doing so well on Halo Spot’s Stew.

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