August 30th was National Holistic Pet Day and Halo asked over 750 pet parents’ questions about natural food, regular exercise and animal advocacy.

Before taking the survey, less than 6% of participants had ever heard of National Holistic Pet Day, so it’s exciting to see that holistic education is underway! To celebrate, Halo is awarding $100 prize of Halo products to one lucky participant.

Here are some of the results:

• Ellen DeGeneres was cited by a whopping 75% of pet parents as “the best role model” for the holiday. Betty White also made a strong showing with 12%, with Marley (from Marley and me) also getting votes. Even though Hulk Hogan and Regis Philbin are noted animal lovers, they didn’t get any votes here. Top write-in celebrities included Jane Goodall, Mimi Ausland from and Alicia Silverstone.

• Providing regular exercise and all natural food are the top-two pet parent behaviors for promoting holistic well being, cited by 79% and 75% respectively. Among dog parents, 86% cited regular exercise.

Read the entire article here “Pet Parents Celebrate Natural Food, Exercise and Ellen on Holistic Pet Day”.

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