August 30th was National Holistic Pet Day and we’re thrilled that our friends in the media helped us spread the word about the benefits of a healthy, holistic lifestyle for pets and their people.

To celebrate National Holistic Pet Day, Halo surveyed 800 pet parents about their healthy habits. The survey results, along with Dr. Donna Spector’s tips for holistic living, were a hit, landing Halo coverage on many leading pet sites including Catster, Dogtime Media, Houston Dog Blog, Pawcurious, DogTipper, Cat Tipper, Conscious Cat, This One Wild Life, Scratchings and Sniffings, Romeo the Cat, Fidose of Reality, Daily Pawprints, Bocci’s Beefs, Bissell Pack of Pet Lovers, Embrace Pet Insurance Blog, Regator and others.

The enthusiasm around National Holistic Pet Day is great news for pet parents who want to make healthy choices for their pets.

According to Halo’s survey, the top pet parent behaviors for promoting holistic well being are regular exercise (70% of respondents) and feeding their pets all-natural food (75% of respondents). Interestingly, 70% of respondents say they avoid ingredients prohibited for humans (such as chicken meal or other rendered animal parts).

And, while only 6% of respondents had heard of National Holistic Pet Day, many of those surveyed planned to take this opportunity to make positive lifestyle changes. View survey results here.

National Holistic Pet Day was founded by Colleen Paige of the Animal Miracle Foundation and Network and we’re so glad she did! What a great way to raise awareness for healthy living with our pets.

So, how did you celebrate National Holistic Pet Day?

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