Although this show aired a while back, we thought it was worth seeing in case you missed it. Ellen welcomes Tamar Geller, celebrity dog trainer and author of the best seller “The Loved Dog”, to the Ellen Show.

Tamar has worked with Ellen’s dog Wolf and Mabel, and explains how she got evolved with training dogs while she was an intelligence officer in the Israeli Special Forces.

She takes a gentle, loving approach when it comes to training pets. Tamar is the founder of “The Loved Dog” method; a playful, non-aggressive way of teaching dogs’ good behavior. She has worked with many other celebrities’ dogs, including Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Swank and Ben Affleck.

Ellen asks Tamar “What are the three main tips for dog owners just in general?” Here’s her answer:

1) Don’t say your dog’s name unless you’re talking directly to him.

2) Everything that your dog does; give it a name. Dogs can learn up to 150 words.

3) Teach your dog through love and games.

Also we will be sharing more of Tamar’s tips from the Ellen Show web site, including some of her advice on feeding natural dog food (guess which brand she highlights?!).

Tamer also answers viewers’ questions on the show; watch this video clip:

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