Question: My dog is always chewing his feet. What is the possible cause and what can I do to stop it?

Answer: Dogs will frequently chew at their feet as a sign of allergies… not only food allergies, but inhaled or contact allergies as well. This means he could be allergic to something in the environment (dust, molds, airborne allergens, etc.) or even something he is coming into contact with.

First, make sure he isn’t reacting badly to a chemical or preservative in his diet by choosing a natural dog food — like Halo — for him. Try washing his bedding in a hypo-allergenic detergent and speak to your veterinarian about the possibility of inhaled allergies.

Read my article about Allergies in Dogs for more detailed information.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

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  1. Pamela Stites says:

    My dog Camo has been constanly chewing his feet for the last three years, I have taken out the carpet. I wash his feet, I use an antifungal I got from the vet, his skin is very flaky too on his back. He gets red bumps on his back and near his ears, and scratches all the time. I wipe him down, I have tried everything !! The vet keeps putting him on prednisone !! I also give him Benedryl everyday. He is on a Vegitarian diet that is really expensive !! I have a pet care card I keep paid up on all the time. I need a dog Dermotologest that takes the pet care card to try and get to the bottom of this.. Please can someone help me !!?? I’m on SSI disability I am doing the best I can ! Please I just want my dog Camo healthy !! Please help I’m in Houston Texas. Thank You.. Pamela

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