Last week on the Ellen Show was the 2nd Annual Cat Week sponsored by Halo, Purely for Pets! If you missed any of the funny cat videos you can watch them here.

“Cat Week is Here!” Ellen’s 2nd annual Cat Week kicked off on Monday, October 10th. Watch the opening ceremony of the amazing week of feline friends. Check out the first day of Cat Week here!

“Day Two of Cat Week” Tuesday, October 11th cat videos were so cute! And now the dogs are getting into the action! Watch the adorable animal friend videos. Check out the second day of Cat Week here!

“Web Exclusive: Cat Week Outtakes” Watch this Cat Week video and see if you can tell who each of these feline friends looks like. Check it out by clicking here.

“Cat Week Day 3!” On Wednesday, October 12th of Cat Week, Ellen announced Halo, Purely for Pets as the first sponsors of Cat Week! Ellen also featured a lovable kitty video.

“Cat Week, Day Four” Ellen usually only shows one cat video each day, but Portia was not satisfied! So, for day four, Ellen featured two cat videos. Check out the fourth day of Cat Week here!

“The Dramatic Conclusion to Cat Week 2011” The 2nd Annual Cat Week has inspired people to be meowing, purring, and playing with yarn for the past 5 days. Well, friends, the second glorious Cat Week has ended. Watch the conclusion here.

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