In 2006 while in West Virginia, Rebecca Skloot saw a six-month-old homeless puppy running down the middle of a highway dodging semi trucks. Skloot rescued the pup and named her Rhoda.

Skloot then rescued a puppy she named Clarence. Skloot, known as the best-sellng author of “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” is also a life-long animal lover and committed dog rescuer! On the Facebook page “Clarence and Rhoda, a Love Story” Skloot writes: “Clarence was born in Memphis in March of 2009. Four weeks later, a woman walked up to a group of children at a birthday party in a local park, dropped a starving and flea-infested Clarence at their feet and said, ‘Tell your parents to take this home.’ She left and no one took him.”

Click here to read more about “Clarence and Rhoda, a Love Story”.

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