Dry skin and dandruff may be a reflection of poor hydration. Dry kibble is very low in moisture and pets rarely drink enough water during the day—especially during the cold winter months. Together, this can lead to poor hydration.

An easy way to improve your pet’s hydration is to add canned food to his or her feeding plan. Get some tips on adding canned food to your pet’s diet.

Many dry or itchy skin conditions will improve from the addition of fatty acids to the diet. Fatty acids help decrease inflammation within irritated skin and improve skin moisture and suppleness—regardless of the underlying skin problem. A supplement like Halo’s Dream Coat, which combines six cold-pressed virgin oils (including fish oil) to achieve an ideal ratio of anti-inflammatory fatty acids, may help get your pet’s skin and coat looking great.

Always consult with your veterinarian before starting a new food or supplement. There are many causes of skin flakiness or skin disease and if your pet has significant itchiness or discomfort, your veterinarian should be contacted.

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