Facebook fan, Susan Gomez, told us how Halo Spot’s Stew for cats made a difference in her little one. She wrote:

“I started feeding Halo to my cat Gomez about 5 weeks ago…what an amazing difference in his coat, the length and feel of it and his energy level!!! He’s a tornado running around the house! He just shines!! Thank you so much Halo Pets!!! ???”

Susan, thank you for letting us know about Gomez’s improvements. We hope he will be staying young for a long time!

Read Susan’s original Facebook testimonial.

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  1. dianna says:

    i too enjoy reading how pets do using halo. for me i have used all halo products since they came out…. i have gotten many friends and family using the halo products…. they all have had great results…. except one big,big,big problem with halo products. earthfare is having problems keeping up stocking now…. so i buy more than usual so my own pet kids will be stocked at all times. and yeah! earthfare is now carrying 18 lb instead of the 4 lbs only. i always order the dry food from halo but now i can use the 18 lb bag… yeah! and i can tell you my golden retriever yes golden retriever lived from dec 1979 born on christmas day we brought her home our macey found halo sometime around the middle part of the 1980’s but before i cooked her food i used lamb meat for the base recipe i used.and when i put macey on the can food from the health food store… she looked as good as the home made food was doing in the 5 weeks of using it so we used that macey passed away in her sleep july 2007. and my sheltie too had just the same luck on this food so now our new kids too on nothing but halo. it is great food!!!notice i said food…. not reject and fillers.all my friends and husband said i should be a spokes person for halo…. i am all my pet friends get turned on by seeing my pet kids then they try it & they all get hooked.i have over 30 pet families now that use it it.my kids some are in their teens but you can’t tell them… they have beautiful health coats and their teeth are great still white pearls .yes… dog food and cat food is not all the same. i do have a beef with halo…. wish they still carried parrot food for us who also have birds. they use to. miss it terrible bad!!!

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