The high quality of Halo Spot’s Stew is making a tremendous difference for the 4,000 cats and dogs housed per year at the Humane Society of Central Oregon.

“Feeding Halo Pet food to our shelter animals ensures that we are delivering the optimum diet to support a good immune system,” says Lynne Ouchida, the HSCO community outreach manager. “This is important in shelter environments. The premium diet improves and helps maintain the body condition of our animals, whether they are under or overweight.”

HSCO receives 1,600 pounds of dog and 600 pounds of cat Halo Spot’s Stew every other month, part of’s regular bi-monthly donation program.

“Freekibble and Halo are truly saving lives by providing the best food possible for homeless animals at a time when they need care and protection,” Ouchida says. “Proper nutrition speeds the process to recovery and good health.” founder Mimi Ausland, now 15, was only six when she met Ouchida. It was Ouchida’s influence that convinced Mimi that only high quality food should be fed to shelter pets.

“Mimi learned from Lynn, and from her own experiences at the HSCO, that feeding natural food was very important, not only for their quality of life at the shelter, but for increasing chances for adoption,” says Mimi’s father, Kelly, noting that high-quality food improves the dogs’ and cats’ health, behavior and appearance.

“We saw that we needed to make a commitment to feed as many homeless pets as possible,” Kelly continues, “and the best food possible.”

When Mimi first met Ouchida, she was too young to volunteer at the shelter. Instead, Mimi visited the animals and sent in money whenever she could, including loose change she collected. At nine, Mimi finally was able to volunteer at the HSCO; at 11 she launched

Since August of 2010, when Halo became’s sponsor, the HSCO has received over 100,000 meals of Halo Spot’s Stew for their cats and dogs.

Enjoy these great pictures of Mimi in this slide show:

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