I have been a consultant for Halo as Blog Administrator and Social Media associate for over three years; however because of my attachment to my beloved “Coco” that I lost the summer of 2008; I did not want to rush and replace her with another pet. I had always rescued adult or older dogs in the past, my last rescue “Coco” was 12 years old when I adopted her from a rescue; so having a puppy is a totally new experience for me.

I adopted a sweet little puppy from a friend of mine Friday night. She already has 3 adult dogs and now 8 puppies and even though she would love to keep all the puppies she knew she would not be able to. So being the animal lover that she is she didn’t want to sell them, she wanted to give them to people she knew who would love them just as much as she would.

I fell in love with the female puppy they called “Cupcake”; she is 11 weeks old and her Dad is a Schnauzer and Mom is a Maltipoo; I’ve re-named her “Chelsea”. To prepare for Chelsea’s arrival I ordered a big bag of Halo Puppy Wholesome Chicken; however, my timing in placing my order was a little late, my order was scheduled to arrive Monday and I was picking her up Friday evening. So I asked my friend what she was already feeding her, and she told me the name of a store brand puppy food. I thought it would be a good idea to transition Chelsea to a new food anyway so I picked up a small bag of the store brand puppy food on the way home.

The 1st day I had her home I fed her the store brand puppy food 3 times; she ate very little of her breakfast, she would not eat her lunch at all, and she ate very little of her dinner. I noticed she would pick the kibble up out of the bowl and put it on the floor and eat it off the floor. So I tried putting some kibble in my hand to see if she would eat it out of my hand. She would take the kibble out of my hand and put it on the floor and eat it. Using my hand would get her to eat a little more but not much.

The second day was pretty much the same except she did eat a little for lunch the second day. The 3rd day my order of Halo arrived and I mixed ½ HALO and ½ store brand in her bowl. She went to town on the HALO kibble, she ate it straight from the bowl not putting it on the floor and she ate all the HALO kibble and left the store brand kibble in her bowl.

As Halo Blog Administrator I’ve read so many testimonies from Halo customers with similar experiences, but I didn’t realize that I would have this experience myself and wanted to share it with Halo blog readers. Of course you shouldn’t base your decisions just on me, read the ingredients and check out what others say online, or at Halo Testimonials.

I didn’t know that she was going to be a picky eater, but with HALO I don’t have to worry about her not eating enough anymore.

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