Congratulation goes out to Pets for Patriots for reaching a major milestone: its 100th honorable adoption.

A dog named Quinn had only hours to live when Pets for Patriots received a call from a woman in Texas who was determined to save him. Beth Zimmerman, founder and executive director of Pets for Patriots said, “Quinn was slated to die at seven the next morning. We didn’t think we could really help beyond posting the story on our Facebook and Twitter pages and hoping for the best.”

However, it turns out that her efforts saved Quinn’s life. Paul, a Forth Worth police officer read the Facebook post and intended to foster Quinn until he could find a loving home. Although Paul was already in contact with a woman in Kentucky, Beth saw another post from a widower and a veteran of both the Army and Navy who wanted to adopt Quinn as well and left his phone number. Beth called right away and knew “this is the one.”

Halo, Purely for Pets is honored to be a Pets for Patriots sponsor.

Read the full story about “Pets for Patriots Reaches Milestone 100th Honorable Adoption” and Quinn’s new home.

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