Claudia adopted Luna from the HBSPCA recently and the impact that Luna has made on her life inspired her to start a blog named “Pooch Passion”. She wanted to share her reviews, based on Luna’s reactions to dog-related products she brought home.

She wrote a review of Halo Spot’s Stew recently on her blog:

“Is your pet picky? I can bet they’re not as picky as Luna. When we first brought her home from the shelter, despite being extremely underweight and clearly starving, she wouldn’t touch the generic brand of dog kibble. She wouldn’t even go near it. We made it a habit of giving her boiled chicken instead of kibble but I still went out and tried another brand, just in case. She would eat it but still as scarcely as she did the last. Not to mention when I Googled the brand, it had some questionable ingredients and only got a 3/5 rating. Then I saw HALO dog food at the store.

I had never heard of this dog food before. I read the ingredients on the back and was definitely impressed! Real food listed as ingredients! Who would have thunk it? I then went home and Googled the brand only to read nothing but positive reviews and no questionable ingredients mentioned. I quickly went out and bought a bag of the “Spot’s Stew” chicken recipe (which comes in ‘Small Dog Formula!’).

Luna went right for it! She stuck her head right into the bag and grabbed some kibble; a first and something I never thought I’d see. The small size of the kibble was perfect for her as she doesn’t like chewing or crunching. It smelled decent (not like normal, gross dog food smell) and Luna seems to be enjoying it. Knowing the ingredients are holistic and healthy also make me feel like a better pet parent.

Even though I had Googled reviews of the brand before, I only today discovered that Halo Foods is co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres! Kudos to a celebrity that is backing up a quality product for pets. Luna thanks you, Ellen!”

Claudia & Luna

Thank you Claudia and Luna for sharing your review of Halo Spot’s Stew.

Click here to read the original review on Pooch Passion!

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  1. Hi!

    My name is Angela…I am Sweetpea and Malachi’s mommy! I have had Sweetpea for almost 8 years. She is my service dog. I have a severe anxiety disorder and Sweetpea goes with me everywhere I go. I just adopted Malachi from the local shelter. I am going to start training Malachi to be a service dog too. I want to allow Sweetpea to retire by the time she is 9 or 10. She will still be my baby….she just won’t work long days anymore.

    I chose Halo small breed “Spot Stew” for my dogs too. It is so vital that they stay in tip-top health. Sweetpea has been eating Halo for several years and Malachi just started it. You can tell a big difference in their coats and eyes. I am sure in a few months Malachi will have a thick shiny coat like Sweetpea.

    I highly recommend Halo. One of the things I like about Halo is that I can pronounce every ingredient that is in it. Also, it has natural probiotics in it. Sweetpea has a very sensitive stomach. The probiotics in Halo help her to not have tummy troubles. It also reduces the amount of stool produced. My parents feed their dogs generic dry dog food. Their back yard looks like it is full of land mines! Sweetpea and Malachi go #2 once a day and it is a small and compact amount (hope this isn’t TMI).

    We love Halo!

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