All dry dog food looks pretty much alike – and because all those little brown nuggets look generally the same, it can be temping for some people to tell themselves that it really is the same – there’s no real difference between one kind of brown nugget and another. Of course that is not true – in fact, there is a gigantic difference in the quality of the ingredients put into different brands of dry dog food – but if you wanted to delude yourself that “all kibble is created equal,” and justify spending less for your dog’s dinner, you could say, “Kibble is kibble. Why pay more for a brand like Halo?”

But then you’d have to quibble with me, because with all the years I’ve spent researching pet foods, I can assure you that Halo is different because of the high quality of the actual meat that goes into their formulas instead of meat meals or plant matter as the predominant ingredients. When I pay more for Halo than other brands, I absolutely know what I am paying for: quality protein (which is the most costly part of human or pet dinners). I am also paying for the absence of corn, wheat, soy, or chemicals. In addition, I am also happy to be paying for what Halo does not put in their kibble – like chicken meal, by-product meal, brewer’s rice or other cheap sources of indigestible plant fiber. I am grateful for a company that strives to put the highest quality ingredients IN and keep the lower quality ingredients OUT – that dedication to nutritional quality is what I appreciate and will happily pay a little more for.

When I see a dog kibble brand claiming to be Super Premium and charging way less than what I pay for Halo, it does not make logical sense. I can only say that if a dog food costs substantially less than what I am paying for my kibble, then I know that somewhere along the line in producing that food, the company has to be saving money. HALO has earned my trust by spending the money I pay them to maintain high standards in what they put in the bags and how it is made: for that they are charging me a premium price and I believe I am getting what I pay for – I am getting my money’s worth.

HALO does not spend their money on advertising, unlike other companies that pour buckets of money into those glossy ads. Halo’s philosophy is to build their brand on the strength of the high quality ingredients and by maintaining a feeling of community with the people who serve their food (for example offering a blog from me every week!) and on philanthropy, giving away kibble through

I am a big bargain shopper (ask anyone about my addiction to T.J. Maxx or but where my dogs food is concerned I actually prefer to pay a premium price to a company I trust because I believe it is delivering a Top Shelf premium product with close attention to the details.

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

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  1. Dawn says:

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks Halo is so expenseive. I find that the price is very resonable compared to other foods with comparable quality. Also, Halo has coupons on their website every month. For the quality, amount and piece of mind, Halo is an amazing value!

  2. dianna says:

    i am sorry to say but all pet food companies have canned pet food for cats and dogs. you posted just days ago about there is no such thing as bpa free cans. so wouldn’t that say halo too?! how safe is halo’s canned food for cats and dogs? and hasn’t most all pet food companies changed manufactor’s ? even if they keep the same recipe… couldn’t that spell trouble?just wondering!

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