We like to share this wonderful letter and picture that we received from Maxine Kendall with our blog readers:

Hello Halo,

I just wanted to let you know that our two year old dog, Gandalf was a very fussy eater when he came to us from a shelter. He had been abused, so I indulged him. I tried many different brands until I discovered Halo.

I introduced him to it slowly, adding it in with his old food, but he would only pick out the Halo food and leave the rest. It was so funny to watch! I finally gave up and threw out the old stuff. We shall try the treats next. I can’t tell you how may boxes I’ve thrown away, because he’s just not interested. Thank you for such a great product.

You may also like to know that Gandalf saved us from what could have been a serious house fire his very first night in our home. He is our Guardian Angel, so when a friend suggested he wear a halo for Halloween, I couldn’t resist. He actually really liked wearing it. I’m sending the photo as an attachment, so you can see for yourself.

Kind regards,
Maxine Kendall

Thank you so much Maxine and we are so happy to hear that Gandalf now is eating well with Halo!

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  1. margaret gunn says:

    I have a small 9 pound havanese mix Sadie who will be 2 in september. The problem I have is her eating, when she was a pup she was on now puppy formula a Canadian brand and she liked it.
    Then I tried her on now adult when she was i year, at first it was ok then she seemed to go off it. I tried taste of the wild bison she liked it but it had alot of salt and she was peeing alot and drinking, so I tried the vet brand royal canine and she seemed to go off that too. I tried another brand with lamb and no not too good. Today I tried merek a us brand the turducken flavour and she was sick.
    She has been sick on the vet brand and one other brand. I am worried as I want her to eat and be healthy and I am not sure whata to do. Would Halo be a good choice for her and which formula should I try? She has always been on dry food and I feel kind of desperate at this point. Any suggestions and help will be greatly appreciated as my Sadie is the love of my life and means everything to me and I want the best for her, Is Halo available in Canada?
    Thank you for your help and I loof forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely, Margaret Gunn

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