I just had the most amazing experience of seeing 125 pugs at a garden party in England to benefit the British Pug Welfare and Rescue Society – from the purebred Pug who won his division at the fancy Crufts dog show, to a mixed bag of adopted Pugs who are every bit as gorgeous, at least to my eye.

Since my oldest friend Daphne is the owner of the property where the annual party was held this year – and since her black Pug Fizzy is her second adopted Pug (Tilly has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is snorfling around in Doggy Heaven) I had the honor of being invited to be the International Judge of the Costume class. You can only imagine…! There are a couple of photos to go along with this Shaggy Dog Story and I promise to post more photos soon of the festivities.

I have to say that it was pretty easy to give the Grand Prize to the team that had six Pugs wearing Styrofoam costumes made to look like the cars in the London tube (the subway), all painted red with sparkling reflectors on top (in honor of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee) and windows on both sides of the Pugs (I mean the individual cars in the trains) with photos of the Queen waving, her Corgis, and other Royals (including Will & Kate, naturally, even though they only have a Spaniel and not a Pug) peering out the windows.

There was a huge Styrofoam replica of the big circular sign for the London Metro that you can see all over the city, but this one announced the train was in celebration of the Jubilee and the London Olympics and was held aloft by several of the 6 humans who were required to get the Pugs into the multi-Pug costume and then herd the Puggies into a semblance of a line. Two of the Pugs actually flew first class from Melbourne with their handsome Aussie owners, and the train itself was designed and built by Steven, a brilliant milliner in London, who makes hats for women who go to Ascot and the sort of Fascinators that Duchess of Cambridge Kate wears on her head in the place of a hat.

If you’re wondering what any of this has to do with Halo Cloud Nine Herbal Healing Salve. Well, I had tossed a handful of little sample jars of the Halo Herbal Healing Salve into my luggage to give out as prizes for the event – and did hand them out to a few of the participants who were really thrilled to get a holistic American dog grooming product (so exotic for them!).

But Steve (the brilliant hat and “Pg Subway” designer)’s gorgeous Pug Mr. Finch, who was not at all perturbed about being a train in a subway – had a dry little nose. So I whipped out the last jar of Halo Herbal Healing Salve and I felt I had done my duty as an international representative of American dog-know-how by hooking up Mr. Finch with a cream so gentle it could go right in the middle of his gorgeously wrinkled little face.

Enjoy the pictures, “And yes, that’s me wearing a shirt that makes me look like a giant Pug!”

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