Question: My question is about diabetic older cats (14 Years old) . Protein and the kidneys. My cat Jigger is on insulin (2 units AM/ 3 units PM) he is fabulous. He was diagnosed in 2007, lost his extra weight and is doing great, however, the prescription diet foods he does not like and neither do the other two.

I am researching better foods and they love Halo, however my vet is concerned about the amount of protein and the older cat kidneys ( no kidney problems yet). I want better healthy food for them just like I am eating. And I read some not so good things about the prescript. diets, ie.; contents of the food and where it comes from. Can you offer your expertise? Thanks.

Answer: Thanks for your question. Experts in the field of feline diabetes are indeed recommending a high-protein/low-carbohydrate approach to the treatment of this disease. With this dietary approach, it is possible to get many cats (not all) to revert to a non-insulin requiring state (called diabetic remission). However, not all older cats can be managed this way due to concurrent issues with kidney failure or other conditions that may preclude them from eating this type of diet.

Hope this information helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

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  1. Cathy Slabaugh says:

    What do you recommend for early kidney trouble? Our 16-yr-old cat has been having Wellness and Halo food, but our vet says it is too high in protein…but the prescription food has undesirable ingred. in it. Does Halo make a lower protein cat food? (wet, not dry, her teeth aren’t too good either any more) What would you suggest? Thank you!

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