Question: My dog doesn’t have much hair and I’ve noticed that he gets very pink around his nose and on his belly. I am worried he is getting sunburned. What can I do?

Answer: Thanks for your question. Sunny days can pose a risk of sunburn for light-haired pets or for those with very thin hair. Keep them in the shade as much as possible or consider a UV dog sun shirt for body protection or a doggie visor to keep most of the sun off his face. There is an FDA-approved sunscreen called Epi-Pet Sun Protector Sunscreen Spray that is safe for use on dogs.

Do not spray it directly onto his face in order to avoid accidental eye contact—spray it on your hands first and then apply to the face. Keep your eye out for any lumps or bumps in the areas that have repeatedly gotten sun exposure and see your vet if anything seems unusual.

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