With National Holistic Pet Day upon us, I am reminded of this and another similar quote frequently attributed to Hippocrates: “Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can heal the patient with food”. As veterinarians, we all too often reach for medication when a pet is having a chronic problem.

It is at these times we should also be critically evaluating the content and quality of the diet a pet is being fed. While pet’s do experience very real diseases that require conventional Western medicine, my experience as a veterinary internist has taught me the course of many chronic diseases can be changed by excellent natural nutritional choices.

There are many chronic conditions that can be nutritionally responsive. Let’s look at a few examples:

• A simple change to a high protein-low carbohydrate diet for a cat suffering from diabetes may result in remission of diabetes.

• The addition of dietary fiber for a dog experiencing months of chronic diarrhea may result in significant improvement or even resolution.

• Home-cooking a novel protein and carbohydrate diet (something like salmon and quinoa) can improve the itchiness and digestive woes of a dog who has been suffering for months with food allergies.

• Supplementing vital omega 3 fatty acids can help improve dry flaky skin and itchiness.

High quality natural nutrition will not “fix” everything but it is a critical part of a holistic approach to pet healthcare and often has a profound positive effect on the way a pet feels. If your pet is suffering from a chronic ailment, speak to your veterinarian or a holistic veterinarian about this approach to nutrition as one treatment option.

Halo recognizes the holistic approach to pet health is focused on treating the “whole animal”. While good nutrition is an essential element of overall well-being, Halo also knows providing your pet a chemical-free environment is also important. This approach drives Halo to develop all-natural products with ingredients chosen to give your pet a happier, healthier life. Extensive study and the input of nutritional experts are the backbone of our healthy dog and cat food, treat, nutritional supplements, and natural herbal grooming supplies.

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  1. Norman Conwill says:

    We have two very healthy Persian cats.
    Both like to go outside daily, and we always put them on leashes, and stay with them while they are outside. Both always head for the yard and start chewing grass, then shortly later – they throw up.
    Is this a natural habit ? They are both 10 years old, and have never been sick, other than this habit.
    Thank you for your advice

  2. Nancy Herbst says:

    I find this approach to be so interesting…and so important! I adopted an 8 yr old cat recently and have him solely on Halo food…He is doing so well! He has energy and seems very contented. My other comment relates to a friend’s newly found stray…..this little guy was injured and sickly when he was found. He is under a veterinarian’s treatment but was found to be leukemia positive. I have recommended a holistic diet for this little guy, realizing that feline leukemia is so unfortunate but it is not a death sentence. My feeling is that if he is fed the most healthy diet possible it will help him to live a good life while he can. He is doing so well on the Halo food!
    Thanks for listening!

  3. admin says:

    Hi Norman,

    Thanks for writing in. What you are describing is very common in both cats and dogs. Although there are many theories on why pets eat grass…it mostly seems behavioral and generally because they like it! I would make sure that the grass they are snacking on has not been treated with any sort of lawn chemicals but otherwise, if they have no other signs of disease (weight loss, picky appetites, diarrhea, etc) I would let them graze away!

    Dr. Donna Spector

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