Question: I have 6 cats. One boy is 17 years old. He’s become a “finicky” eater. All cats have been on all Wellness products for quite a while. I ran out of Wellness and bought a case bought a case of Science Diet Feline ID (too complicated to go into reason). Now, the oldest cat sort of likes the canned ID, four cats like Wellness turkey, canned only, one is fat and she’s isolated when fed and gets canned Science Diet Feline RD. All cats have dry Wellness food available except during breakfast (canned food only) and dinner (canned food only).

I’m having a hard time getting my 17 year old boy to eat any canned food (ID or turkey Wellness). In an ideal world, for their overall health and my selfish reasons, I would love to be able to put down a canned cat food and let them all “chow down” together. I don’t know if this will ever be possible with these kitties. I’d very much appreciate any feedback you might have about this predicament. Thank you.

Answer: Thanks for writing in. With this many cats, it may be difficult to find just one food that fits all of their tastes. I also don’t know if you are dealing with any “special needs” cats that have kidney disease or other issues that might need to be taken into account. We pride ourselves on the high quality and palatability of our ingredients in the Halo recipes and this might be something you can try. We have our traditional stew products which are a bit “soupy” in texture and our newer pate formulas which are more of a ground firmer texture to appeal to a wide variety of cat tastes. If you have cats with any medical issues, ask your veterinarian about the suitability of these foods.

Good luck.
Dr. Donna Spector

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