Question: We have two very healthy Persian cats. Both like to go outside daily, and we always put them on leashes, and stay with them while they are outside. Both always head for the yard and start chewing grass, and then shortly later – they throw up.

Is this a natural habit? They are both 10 years old, and have never been sick, other than this habit.

Thank you for your advice

Answer: Thanks for writing in. What you are describing is very common in both cats and dogs. Although there are many theories on why pets eat grass…it mostly seems behavioral and generally because they like it!

I would make sure that the grass they are snacking on has not been treated with any sort of lawn chemicals but otherwise, if they have no other signs of disease (weight loss, picky appetites, diarrhea, etc) I would let them graze away!

Dr. Donna Spector

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