Question: Hi thanks for your blog. I feed my 2 year old Cockapoo Halo because I know it’s good for her and I need her to have a long healthy life. I have thought about making her 2nd small feeding of the day homemade, turkey off the bird, carrots and sweet potatoes, she loves fresh food but I know I have to be careful what I feed her; do you think I should be giving her supplements?

Also; the vet has me give her flea and tic medicine which worries me, she gave her a vaccine to prevent kennel cough since she goes to groomer and she ended up with a mild case of it from the vaccine, tell me, please, what the herbal stuff you use for fleas. Any advice you can offer that will help keep my Maggie healthy is greatly appreciated.

Answer: Thanks for writing in. If you are feeding your dog at least 50% of her daily calorie requirements as Halo dog food, you will likely be meeting her minimum daily nutrient requirements. A basic supplement like an omega 3 fatty acid and a vitamin-mineral supplement given once daily or several times each week would act a bit like an insurance policy.

Halo’s Herbal Dip can be used as a natural deterrent for fleas and other insects on pet beds, fabric collars or other surfaces. You can also mix it into shampoo or other grooming products. Another natural flea control method for beds and surfaces is diatomaceous earth—which is a chalky type of substance which dries out the outer hard shell of fleas. Also a daily flea combing is another natural option for removing these pests.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

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