I read about a wonderful charitable organization, Pets for Patriots, on the always-uplifting HALO blog. I hoped that Beth Zimmerman, the founder, would like to come on my NPR radio show DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) to talk about this remarkable organization that connects veterans with “Last Chance” dogs and cats in shelters, who are less adoptable because of age or physical or emotional challenges.

Pets for Patriots helps with the ongoing costs of having a pet and helps support the shelters they have connected with (and any shelter can apply to partner with them). I did get Beth to come on my show and you can listen to the interview this coming weekend on live NPR local stations on the East Coast, but also a podcast version available by going to DOG TALK® and signing up for the weekly announcement of the show guests and topics – there’s a spot to listen or download each show for free, right off the email announcement.

As Beth said about HALO, they have been a generous sponsor of Pets for Patriots, making donations providing pet food for annual fundraisers, and to many of the group’s shelter partners, and provide discounts to members of the program. Tracie hopes that lots of people will tune in or download this show to learn more about the remarkable charitable organization.

The other guests on this week’s DOG TALK® (and Kitties, Too!) show are Alex Zhardanovsky, the co-founder of, who describes how he went from having only “family and friends” as customers to now having tens of thousands of pet parents who get their food, treats, litter and even toys delivered right to their doors with free shipping – and of course they carry HALO!

Read the complete article here on Tracie Hotchner Blog.

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