Now this may sound really kooky, but it’s the absolute truth: my husband has “stolen” the Cloud Nine shampoo from the dogs and will not give it back!

In THE DOG BIBLE and on my radio shows, I have always cautioned people to never consider using human shampoo – even the finest brand, or the gentlest baby shampoo- on their dogs. My research showed me that dogs and people have a different pH balance in their skin and must use products that are formulated with their own species in mind. Myself, I only use shampoos made for dogs on my own pooches, who look especially excellent when I use Halo’s Cloud Nine for the job.

Recently, my husband ran out of his shampoo- one of the nice salon brands I had bought for him – and apparently because he had been admiring how smooth and shiny our Weimaraners were looking after their baths, he snitched the bottle and gave it a try himself. It was only when I remarked how great his hair looked that he admitted, “what only his hairdresser should know,” as the old advertisement used to say – that he was a new fan of Cloud Nine himself.

It has been weeks now that he will only use Cloud Nine – he claims it makes his hair shinier and fuller than any fancy human shampoo I have ever gotten for him, whether from Aveda, Nexxus or Fekkai. And I have to say it does make his hair look so appealing and almost fluffy that I want to stroke it, as though he’s a pet with lovely soft fur. And I have to wonder, if his pH is so amenable to this lovely all-natural product, does that mean he is part pooch? (and wouldn’t that just be the cat’s meow of it all?!)

Far be it for me to recommend that others take this canine path to the beauty parlor, but I do think this is taking the human-animal bond to new heights!

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

Editor’s note: While we do use the finest ingredients available, our products are designed specifically for pets, not humans.

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