I have two dogs who are hopelessly difficult to give pills to – I have tried pill-hiding edible products, cream cheese, peanut butter, hot dogs, white bread wrapped around the medicine – you name it, they are not fooled by it and eject the medication out. They can find the pill or capsule with their front teeth and spit it out.

Opening their mouths and trying to shove the pill into the back of their throats is a miserable experience for all of us – with lots of head shaking, gagging, or coughing and then holding it in their mouth without swallowing until I release their muzzle and then out comes the wet spitty pill.

But Halo’s Dinner Party has helped me to fool them. Here’s my new solution to pilling an impossible dog: I open a can of Spot’s Stew and put a big tablespoon of it in a bowl – I push the pill(s) into it and open the capsules and sprinkle out the contents. I mix it up and then sprinkle Dinner Party – the dried pure chicken meal topper – on top. You will be amazed at how a usually-medicine-rejecting dog will snarf this down and lick his lips!

The only pill it doesn’t work with is a really bitter one like the pain medication Tramadol, but otherwise it’s a real Mary Poppins trick of the “spoonful” that helps the medicine go down (except instead of being sugar it is healthy nutrition Spot’s Stew and Dinner Party!)

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

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