Migaloo is a rescue dog with a special talent. Her owner, Australian dog owner Gary Jackson, trained this black lab-Mastiff mix to become the first “Archeology Dog”, able to sniff out bones that are hundreds of years old.

In an interview with National Geographic, Jackson says he’s trained dogs to find all kinds of “unusual” things like cane toads or koala bears. He thought dogs that could sniff out human bones and artifacts would be extremely useful to society so he decided to give it a try.

Jackson knew Migaloo would be good at this type of detective work because she is highly motivated. “She’s an absolute nut about her ball,” Jackson tells National Geographic. “I think she would chase it until she drops dead. So, once we trained her to recognize the odor of human bones, and taught her that she only gets her ball when she finds the target odor, she became obsessive with trying to find that odor,” he says.

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