Question: Hi I have an 8 year old Maltese that weighs approx. 7.5 and is in good health. He is a picky eater and I have him off dry food as either the size is too big for him to chew and he is picky. He is off Chicken and Soy, wheat and corn due to itching. This has helped a lot in the past 18 months. I found Halo surf and turf and am trying it as the kibble is small however I am concerned with the protein which is 28%.

Could you please tell me if this is too much for an 8 year old? Good health but I don’t want him on it if too high. I just bought it this weekend and as of now, just getting a few bites with his food. Thank you!

Answer: Thanks for your question. If your Paddington does not have any issues with kidney or liver disease, this level of protein should be just fine. Healthy middle aged and senior dogs do not necessarily need lower protein foods. In fact, high quality higher protein diets can help maintain lean body mass in dogs as they age.

Hope this helps.
Dr. Donna Spector

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