Once a year, the Whole Dog Journal announces their “Gear of the Year,” their cream of the crop choice from every dog training and dog care tool and toy they have had a chance to sample throughout the year. This year only nine products made the cut as being simply superior – and Halo’s Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash was one of them!

The editor praised the all-natural ingredients for the way they effectively and gently cleaned and soothed the often red ears of her Border Collie, Rupert, who was prone to ear infections. “…Over the years I tried many products to clean and calm (Rupert’s) red, irritated ears. But once I tried Halo’s Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash, I never used any other product. It never failed to gently cleanse and soothe his ears by the next day.”

Personally, I was glad to see that she e and I had a similar experience with Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash (here’s what I wrote a couple of years ago in my April 7, 2011 blog post.) The ear cleaner continues to be essential for Teddy, the only one of my three dogs whose ears get lined with dark wax.

When I adopted Teddy (re-homing him from a situation of neglect), his ears were bright red and lined with nasty wax. When I tried to clean them with the ear cleaner I bought at the vet, he would do everything he could to escape my attempts to clean his ears – duck his head, try to escape, even cry a little. He was really uncomfortable with the medicinal ear wash that stung or smelled really antiseptic. But everything changed once I switched to Cloud Nine Herbal Ear Wash; Teddy now leans against me when I clean his ears. He seems to find the cleaning to be soothing, perhaps relieving the itchiness or discomfort. The herbal ear wash will be on my own Top Nine list for years to come!

Tracie Hotchner, author of The Dog Bible and The Cat Bible, guest blogs here every Thursday on healthy, natural choices for pets.

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